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Tech Care X-Ray - leading provider of mobile radiological imaging.

About Tech Care X-Ray

Tech Care X-Ray is a woman-owned business in operation since 1989. We offer live image hosting for 7 years and historical archiving for 7-10 years. Online access to images, reports, and ordering is available 24 hours a day. We offer access for outside consultations and are well equipped to connect with any EMR. Tech Care X-Ray currently services approximately 300 correctional, public, and private facilities and we are constantly adding to that client base because of our outstanding commitment to providing the best possible mobile radiological service around. We don’t skimp on technology or staff, so you can be certain that choosing Tech Care X-Ray will only be a positive experience for your staff and patients.

While many of our competitors are able to offer CR digital services, we offer true digital imaging technology. This is because of the vast improvement that DR imaging offers over CR. Not only is the image quality light-years beyond that of CR or plain film, but the radiation exposure is lessened with DR, and there is NO processing of plates or images.  Our units will produce the images on-screen within 3 seconds of the exposure.  No waiting, no wasted infirmary space, no risk of important conditions being missed or critically postponed.

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