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We also do health fairs and sporting events. Call us now for more information 1-850-562-1656 or send us an email.

Mobile Ultrasound

Our Sonographers use SonoSite M-Turbo and GE LOGIQ-e machines for ultimate mobile digital imaging. The light weight design of our machines gives the sonographer the ability to perform ultrasound examinations anywhere the need arises. Although the machines are lightweight and compact the images rival those of stationary machines. These machines are specifically designed to operate and produce high-quality imaging on either AC or battery in your typical exam room or small spaces. Both machines comes with a full range of transducers for any clinical application needed.  The machines also include high-frequency linear and multi-plane transesophageal imaging.


Below is a sample of exams we do:

  • Doppler Echocardiography (color flow)

  • Venous Imaging

  • Breast

  • Abdominal (limited and complete)

  • Pelvic (limited and complete)

  • Pelvic TV

  • Carotid Duplex Imaging

  • Peripheral Arterial Doppler

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