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Mobile X-Ray and ECG

Tech Care X-Ray’s Radiologic Technologists bring the latest mobile digital imaging equipment directly to you in our handicapped accessible vehicles. Our machines, the Source-Ray SR-130-DMinXray HF100H+, and the new Source-Ray DU-SR130 and Visaris Americas Vision M are the best power to weight ratio portable x-ray systems on the market today. These machines are currently used in hospitals, medical centers, clinics, sport complexes, nursing home facilities, home health care, correctional facilities, and military applications. The compact design of our machine allows us the ability to provide x-ray service practically anywhere! Our machines are small footprint, lightweight systems that are user friendly and easy for the X-Ray technician to handle and transport. Whether a full examination room or a small vacant area is available we are able to maneuver our machines. Due to the increased efficiency of the x-ray tube, the amount of actual radiation released is much lower than with conventional machines so the need for lead line walls between adjacent rooms is not necessary.The separate direct capture imaging plate allows the technologist to perform any type of x-ray exam without the need for an imaging plate holder.With digital technology, images are available onscreen within seconds of being taken. We also have the ability to enhance images for optimal diagnostic imaging for our radiologists to provide the best diagnosis possible.​

Our newest ECG machine is the GE MAC 1200. It provides advanced, easy-to-use features and can connect to many EMRs, quickly sending and receiving complete patient ECG data for immediate review.

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